D: We had a really cute and sweet first date. Anthony took me to Marix in West Hollywood for dinner, which is this little Tex mex place with a really great vibe. It was a fun date, there was a pitcher of margaritas involved which I think has made my memory of the night a little fuzzy, but I’ll never forget the calm, gentle and kind hearted feelings Anthony brought out in me from the very beginning.

A: After our first date, I think we saw each other almost every day. David lived about an hour away in Ventura, but that didn't stop him from coming down to see me. Not too long after, he got a job in LA and moved to Los Feliz which was much closer. We joined a bowling league and got to know each others friends, and it all just worked. David is a great communicator and I'm pretty quiet and can be very hard to read, so I give him a lot of credit for being able to really understand me. We both have a tremendous amount of respect for each other and fell in love pretty quickly.


D: Pretty soon into the relationship I knew Anthony would make an excellent husband and father. He and I compliment each other very well. We are quite opposite but enjoy similar things, so we don’t really get sick of one another.

A: I knew I wanted to get married to David shortly after he moved in right around when covid started. I got really sick for a few months when we went on lockdown and never really felt normal all of 2020. It was a really scary time for me and having David by my side meant everything. He calmed me when I had panic attacks, cooked for us and just laid next to me assuring me that everything was going to be ok. I don't know what I would have done without him. The amount of love he showed was endless. I can't imagine the amount of patience he must have had to get through all that with me. I knew if we could get through those really difficult times, we were ready to commit to marriage.


D: I had been planning on proposing for a while, the timing was just never quite perfect until this past holiday started rolling around. I felt strongly about where we were and the future we had always discussed building together. I decided to get a ring and was planning to propose on Christmas, however once I finally had the ring I was a little bit excited and heard about a the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that would be viewable from LA. I asked Anthony to go up to our roof and check it out with me. Once we were up there checking it out, I got down on one knee and did the whole traditional thing. It was really a really cute and beautiful moment.

A: After a crazy 2020, I was ready to start 2021 with a fresh start and a proposal. I went out with my friend Mardi to buy a ring in early December. Then David's mom stayed with us for a weekend where we decorated our condo for Christmas and made gingerbread houses. We really had a perfect weekend. When David ran out to run an errand, I asked his mom for her blessing to marry David, and she said "yes of course...he will be so surprised". Little did I know he already went shopping for a ring with his mom. My plan was to ask his Dad for his blessing in the coming week and propose on New Years Day but David beat me to it! It was so sweet. It was on the Winter Solstice, where each day moving forward would have more light. Plus our two biggest planets, Jupiter and Saturn were aligned and in conjunction. Too perfect!


We are beyond grateful for the time and money you have put aside to make it to our wedding. Your presence is the greatest gift we could ask for, and therefore we do not expect gifts. However, If you are interested in blessing us with something, we could really use your help funding the start of our family & our summer of european adventure (our honeymoon).


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